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1st Oct, 2020

castle ruin my story reema_patel

Fic Masterpost

Leverage - Gen ficCollapse ) - Nate/EliotCollapse ) - Nate/Eliot/SophieCollapse ) - Sophie/NateCollapse ) - Sophie/EliotCollapse ) - Alec/EliotCollapse ) - Hardison/ParkerCollapse ) - Hardison/Parker/EliotCollapse ) - Nate/Sophie & Hardison/ParkerCollapse ) - Eliot/MoreauCollapse ) - Eliot/AnyCollapse ) - Sophie/SterlingCollapse )
Angel & Buffy - Big BangCollapse ) - MixedCollapse )
Dollhouse - GenCollapse )
Supernatural - GenCollapse ) - Jo/MegCollapse ) - Sam/RubyCollapse )
X-Men - Logan/RemyCollapse ) - Remy/RogueCollapse ) - First ClassCollapse ) - GenCollapse )
The Losers - Cougar/JensenCollapse ) - Cougar/AishaCollapse )
Terminator SCC - Derek/JohnCollapse )
Doctor Who (/Torchwood) - MixedCollapse )
Criminal Minds - Garcia/KevinCollapse )
Castle - Castle/BeckettCollapse )
Mutant X - GenCollapse )
White Collar - MixedCollapse )
Burn Notice - GenCollapse )
Human Target - GenCollapse )
The Avengers (+ Hawkeye comics) - GenCollapse ) - Clint/CoulsonCollapse )
Crossovers - Leverage/Doctor WhoCollapse ) - Leverage/SupernaturalCollapse ) - Leverage/Marvel 'VerseCollapse ) - Leverage/AngelCollapse ) - Leverage/X-menCollapse ) - Leverage/Star Trek (ish)Collapse ) - Leverage/The LosersCollapse ) - Losers/Human TargetCollapse ) - Leverage/Human TargetCollapse ) - Leverage/HideCollapse ) - Leverage/CastleCollapse ) - Buffy/SupernaturalCollapse ) - ST: DS9/TorchwoodCollapse ) - Firefly/Doctor WhoCollapse ) - Firefly/CastleCollapse ) - Inception/Mysterious SkinCollapse ) - 6-word FicsCollapse )

26th Oct, 2014

secret messages in bus stops 2

Fic: Taking Care (Part 3)

Fic: Taking Care Part 3

Author: LMX
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: Hardison/Eliot/Parker, Nana, OMC
Spoilers: Future!Fic, potential general spoilers for all Seasons
Warnings: Life being life, horse endangerment.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to the studio, producers and writers except the words themselves and the order I've put them in. Dean, Lana, Reph, my rancher (Sully) and his mare and foal are original characters with no basis in canon or the real world. (Well, the mare and foal might be based on Candy and Robin, but... I'm sure the two of them won't mind)

Summary: Parker's got dreams. But dreams are the ideal, and life is never quite the way you've always expected it to be. Somehow, it's all going to be okay anyway.

CutCollapse )

18th Oct, 2013

secret messages in bus stops 2

Dear Brain


I mean I'm loving the not-block, it's *great* but if nothing gets finished it's not worth the paper really. I'm pretty much starting one new story a week atm.


Also, I seem to have picked up this ability to suddenly be able to write for film-fandoms *just* as they are dying.

But hey, I have 14000 words of unfinished Avengers Kink stuff to play with, maybe magic will happen and I'll finish something before Avengers 2 comes out to revamp the fandom?

So how is everyone else?

14th Sep, 2013

secret messages in bus stops 2

Leverage: The Movie (scene, storyboards and location/prop-notes)

For Leverageland:

Route 1, The Closing Scene
Under the cutCollapse )

Route 2, The Storyboard
Under the cutCollapse )

31st Aug, 2013

secret messages in bus stops 2

Fanfic: Escalation (Avengers fic)

Title: Escalation
Fandom: The Avengers (mixed universes)
Rating: PG-13 (Ableism, bullying)
Pairing: Clint/Phil, Pepper/Tony
Summary: Peter's been adopted by the lamest couple ever. Clint doesn't walk all that good, or hear all that good, and Phil is balding and middle aged and a pencil-pusher, and when Peter imagined who would be adopting him he always imagined this couple who were young, and cool, and had these awesome well paying jobs, and he loves the guys, really he does, but sometimes he wishes that was what he got.

A reality check follows.Collapse )

3rd Aug, 2013

secret messages in bus stops 2

4x Leverage Commentfics / Over-points for Big Bang

Picking up the pieces
Rating: PG
Pairing: (separated) Nate/Maggie
Mornings are not Nate's favourite timesCollapse )

Rating: PG
Pairing: Nate/Maggie (pre-series)
Nate steps back into the lightCollapse )

Shades of Grey
Rating: PG-13 (polyamoury and bondage)
Pairing: Team OT4/OT5 <3 (Tara outsider POV)
When Tara had come in to this strangely domestic little criminal gang, she'd had her suspicionsCollapse )

Rating: PG
Pairing: Eliot/Quinn (but can be read as GEN)
It's an instinctive reaction for them both, different because they're different people, but similar enough because the experiences they've lived through are more than passingly comparableCollapse )
secret messages in bus stops 2

Fic: Head-Hunted

Title: Head-hunted
Rating: PG (language, blood, vague allusions to violence)
Gen, no pairing
Summary: SHIELD has been trying to head-hunt Retrieval Specialist Eliot Spencer for a while now.
The man standing at parade rest by the train station exit is a stranger, and Eliot had to forcefully resist the urge to correct him with a rank. He'd not been disappeared long, and some habits were going to be harder to break than others, especially when faced with a cheap suit with visible forces training.Collapse )
secret messages in bus stops 2

Fic: The Wild Swans

Title: De Vilde Svaner - The Wild Swans
Rating: PG
Gen, no pairing (historical Nate/Maggie)
Summary: Maggie rescues her eight criminals from an evil plot against them. (Falls under 'you did what to a fairytale?')
'You're doing so well, we're so proud of you,' the reply came back, and Maggie found herself suppressing tears for no reason at all. 'All of us here.'Collapse )

30th Jul, 2013

secret messages in bus stops 2

Favourite Things: The Editing Room

This place does hysterical, sarcastic re-writes of major film scripts. Really, really good. :D Can be harsh in places, but generally well earned if you're honest. ;) The Avengers one is well worth a giggle.

Hansel and Gretel Exerpt:
GEMMA and JEREMY lay out some WITCH BAIT, and who should fall for it but INGRID!

Hey, this isn’t a crying child, it’s a huge pumpkin with a wig on, next to a steampunk record player! Which I would have realized immediately if I’d approached from pretty much any other direction. Obviously the best response to this trap is stand here staring gormlessly at it.

She DOES, until she’s ATTACKED BY JEREMY AND GEMMA. She tries to escape on a flying branch, but JEREMY fires a GRAPPLING HOOK into it, then fires a SECOND GRAPPLING HOOK into a TREE OR SOMETHING so he doesn’t just get dragged along the ground like-

Woah, woah. SECOND grappling hook? Now why didn’t I think of that?
(faceplants for a mile)

28th Jul, 2013

secret messages in bus stops 2

Writer's Resource (repost)

So this is another go at getting this off the ground, though it's unlikely I've got any 'new' followers. XD I really think if we can get enough people onto the community and - essentially - asking questions about what they're trying to write, we have the opportunity to make a really great resource of peoples' knowledge available.

The concept of the ILC Exchange is to get people together from all over the world, talking about the places they live and the languages they speak, and asking and answering questions about other peoples languages and cultures. This means that you can use it to improve the local context of your writing, whether you're writing about living in a place you don't live, visiting a place you've never visited or speaking a language you don't know!

When you first join up (visit the community and click the 'Join this community' button in the top banner), use the 'Post To This Community' button (in the top banner) to place a post on the board telling us where you're from - you can be as vague or as precise as you like, but don't give us your address! If you need some inspiration, you can see some other introduction posts. Tell us what you like to talk about and anywhere you have visited as a tourist you think you could give a tourist's eye view to. Then ask your questions of the other members of the community by posting and keep an eye out for questions you think you could answer!

If you have any questions, ideas, comments or suggestions, please post them HERE.

The only way this is going to work is by getting people together from all over the world, so please, please pass the journal on and get people involved! Challenge yourself to find out how many people you know from outside your country, then go and ask if they're willing to get involved. Know another writer? Get them over here! Have access to a university or school campus? Get a flier up on the walls!

Thank you in advance for joining up, sharing your knowledge and sharing your curiosity!
secret messages in bus stops 2

Spiderman as adopted child in Avengers fic - someone please explain

So, I've noticed Spiderman appearing a lot recently as 'random adopted child #1', and I hadn't watched the film so I made assumptions about how the newest set of films had treated his home life. I've not read any of these fics because Peter Parker has never really interested me (and I hated the last set of films, like... really hated).

Only there was this prompt, and everything about the prompt interested me except the usage of Peter in the same theme as above, and I started writing it with just a general idea of the character pre-bite and a visual on Mr. Garfield (Never let me go *killed* me). 5000 words later...

Going into a serious fic-endeavour without research is against my general code of being, and so I watched the film (which was *MUCH* better than I'd imagined or even hoped). And Peter isn't at any point in the system (which is good, because his backstory is fairly important to his character, and I don't even know how you'd do it without Uncle Ben).

So where does this trope come from?

Can anyone explain? Is this some comic-book cannon I'm not aware of? Or is this just a manifestation of 'all OCs are hated by fandom, so where's our nearest kid...'?

14th Jun, 2013

secret messages in bus stops 2

Things I get linked to

Which are hysterical/awesome


9th Jun, 2013

secret messages in bus stops 2

So I was trying to work out Hawkeye's visual acuity from first principles...

You know when you're researching what you think is a simple question, and then you end up reading that V=2arctan(S/2D) and you think... wow. I did not know that.


Banner... help?

3rd May, 2013

secret messages in bus stops 2


Oh my god, guys. How did no one warn me about this?

There was lip-wibbling and everything. Where's the fic? The fix-its, the not-fix-its...?

Unless this is all resolved in the next episode, of course. In which case you're all excused.

3rd Apr, 2013

secret messages in bus stops 2

Fic: Prime Assets

Fic: Prime Assets

Author: LMX
Fandoms: Avengers (Movie-verse)
Rating: PG
Pairings: Clint/Phil
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Classic oops-I-sex-switched-all-the-characters. Some leering, and some being unhappy with ones physical appearance (there's a word for that, I'm sure...)

The Avengers and their assorted hangers-on have had a sudden and rather unexpected Rule!63 related event. Tony would be cackling with glee if he hadn't been hospitalised. Clint still thinks he got the worst deal.Collapse )

25th Mar, 2013

leverage pmp nate eliot sophie

Fic: What He Wanted

Fic: What He Wanted

Author: LMX
Fandoms: Leverage
Rating: PG
Pairings: Nate/Sophie, Nate/Sophie/Eliot
Spoilers: 3.16 (The San Lorenzo Job), 4.18 (Last Dam Job)
Warnings: Angst out the wazoo
After San Lorenzo, Eliot can't stand watching Nate with Sophie. It just guts him too much. One day, he leaves, and the team is mystified.Collapse )

24th Mar, 2013

secret messages in bus stops 2

So... huh

Apparently working a real job has completely crushed any energy and creativity I might have otherwise have had.

I'm aware it's been months (for some things years!) and I owe people fic and beta work and I literally haven't touched anything since I moved up North. Fuck, while I've been gone Leverage got cancelled and I didn't even notice. WLreunion is going on and I've missed most of it. Livejournal had another make over and looks even more shit...

And I've freaking missed you guys.

So. I'm working to rectify the situation. I'm enforcing writing time, and I'm determined it's going to stick. I am *going* to write something this year, even if it's shit while I get back into some kind of groove.

Huh. This sounds like one of those 'I could quit if I wanted to' posts. I'm gonna need to back it up with fic pretty quickly. *kicks ass into gear*

Can someone tell me (with minimum spoilers) where I should stop watching Leverage? I've not seen any season finale spoilers on here, which suggests it was so bad you've all blocked it from your fandom minds. I got to the season break at 5.10.

20th Nov, 2012

secret messages in bus stops 2


OMG OMG OMG! I finally got a place on AO3 after being wait-listed so long. :D SO HAPPY!! *Dances*

I'm on there as LMX, and I'm now trawling through my fic trying to decide what to put up.


26th Oct, 2012

leverage nate ford the_windowbird

Fic: Tell a lie

Fic: Tell a lie
Fandom: Leverage
Rating: R
Warnings: Off-screen violence and gore
Verse: Kitten Steps, everyone is a were-animal 'verse
Spoilers: For the end of Season 3, which is pretty much entirely re-written here for the verse.
Beta: rbmi_fan - you are a genius and I love you and your world-building. This fic was made by you in every respect, as will the other one(s) be, once they are of acceptable quality. XD

Hardison knew that Eliot was scared of Moreau - gun, drug, wereanimal and people trafficker, bogey man to every criminal therianthrope that had ever worked freelance, and all round bad man.Collapse )

25th Oct, 2012

secret messages in bus stops 2

Confused of Avengers-Fandom

I'm confused by fanfic where Clint is deafened and immediately removed from fieldwork, despite receiving hearing aids which rectify any issues with his hearing, often adjusting to normal or better-than-normal (when Tony gets involved).

In the comics, that event was followed by his wedding and his move to become leader of the West Coast Avengers, if I'm not mistaken. Surely we're not *less* disability-positive (or disability-I-don't-care-provided-it-doesn't-affect-your-ability-to-work) now than we were in the 80s?

I guess you could raise the interference of SHIELD in the movie-verse, the politics involved, and in the real world that would be more of an issue than on an independant crime-fighting team - SHIELD would have to justify and risk-assess - but I can't see them ignoring a major asset like that. The Hulk is hardly less of a risk than an agent who might - in very specific scenarios - not be able to hear?

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